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1) is Sandra. I am a teacher. a) Her b) My c) His 2) Victoria is 11 years old. ... mother is Paula. a) Her b) My c) His 3) Thomas has got a sister. ... name is Natalia. a) His b) Her c) Our 4) Mattarella is ...president now. a) my b) our c) their 5) This is an elephant. ... nose is long. a) Its b) My c) Their 6) Renata and Valentin are brother and sister. ... mother´s name is Mara. a) Its b) Our c) Their 7) Messi is playing in Barcelona. ... nickname is LA PULCE. a) Her b) Our c) His 8) You are students. ... school is ”Pasquini” a) Their b) You c) Your 9) Batman is a superhero. ... car is the batmobile a) Its b) His c) he 10) Ironman is a superhero. ... girlfriend is Miss Pepper. a) He b) His c) My 11) Valentino Rossi is a famous pilot and this is ... helmet. a) its b) he c) his 12) The Simpsons are American and this is ... house. a) their b) its c) they 13) The Queen of the U.K. is Elizabeth II. This is ... crown. a) her b) she c) its 14) I like the U.K. This is ... national flag. a) his b) it c) its 15) Paul and I are good friends. ... favourite videogame is "Call of Duty" a) We b) Our c) Their

Possessive adjectives 1


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