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1) Bob’s car’s new. a) has + PC b) PC + is c) is + PC 2) Mum’s hair’s long. a) has + is b) PC + is c) is + PC 3) Lucy’s mother’s got a new car. a) has + PC b) is + has c) PC + has 4) My friend’s got Tom’s book. a) has + PC b) is + has c) PC + is 5) He’s Thomas’s cousin. a) has + PC b) is + PC c) PC + is 6) He’s got a girlfriend and she’s very nice. a) has + is b) has + PC c) is + has 7) Tom’s friendly and Susan’s always sad. a) PC + is b) is + has c) is + is 8) My bike’s new but Dad’s car’s old. a) is + is +is b) is + PC + is c) is + has + PC 9) They are Adam’s cousins and Ted’s friends. a) is + PC b) is + is c) PC + PC 10) There’s Julie’s bag and Ann’s pencil case on the table. a) PC + is + PC b) is + PC + is c) is + PC + PC

Meaning of ‘s (Possessive Case/is/has)


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