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Bbl - Bible, Svn - Seven, Sxth - Sixth, Gd - Good, Bg Bng - Big Bang, Bckgrnd Rdtn - Background Radiation, Rd Shft - Red Shift, 3.5 Blln - 3.5 Billion, Mttn - Mutation, Fttst - Fittest, Ntrl Slctn - Natural Selection, Chrls Drwn - Charles Darwin, w nd Wndr - Awe and Wonder, Stwrdshp - Stewardship, Dmnn - Dominion, Glbl Wrmng - Global Warming, Dfrsttn - Deforestation, Dsrtfctn - Desertification, Mdrn Lvng - Modern Living, Crbn Ftprnt - Carbon Footprint, Rnwbl nrgy - Renewable Energy, rth Smmts - Earth Summits, Btfl - Beautiful, Lrd's - Lord's, dmrtn - Admiration, Msq - Mosque, Dmsdy - Doomsday,

Keyword quiz anagrams (27 of them)

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