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1) I ......every word you say. a) believe b) am believing c) believes 2) He coffee. a) is liking b) like c) likes 3) ......his question? a) Are ...understanding b) Do ....understand c) Have...understand 4) This car my family. a) is belonging b) belongs c) was belonging 5) How ...? a) is ...costing? b) have...cost? c) Does ...cost 6) I .....he is right. a) think b) am thinking c) was thinking 7) We'll go swimming. It ...on the weather. a) is depending b) depended c) depends 8) He is American. He ....from New York. a) comes from b) is coming from c) was coming 9) He .....getting up early. a) hate b) hates c) is hating 10) They are very rich. They ....two houses. a) own b) are owning c) were owning
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