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1) Who ...this a) is ....belonging b) does...belong c) has...belong 2) They....ten grandchildren. a) have b) are having c) were having 3) film? a) Are...enjoying b) Do ...enjoy c) Had...enjoy 4) the dentist before work, so I'll be late. a) go b) am going c) have gone 5) I always ...the bus to work. a) am taking b) were taking c) take 6) This fish ....bad. a) is smelling b) smells c) had smelled 7) They .... a baby in June. a) have b) have had c) are having 8) We ..never...on holiday in Winter. a) are going b) go c) have gone 9) Next week we ....on holiday. a) go b) went c) are going 10) Be quiet! favourite TV programme. a) watch b) was watching c) am watching
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