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1) A .... is when somebody breaks into a house and steals things from it a) BURGLARY b) THEFT c) FRAUD 2) ... is when somebody damages public property   a) ROBBERY b) MURDER c) VANDALISM 3) ... is when somebody copies software such as CDs and DVDs illegaly a) SHOPLIFTING b) PIRACY c) MUGGING 4) A ... is when somebody kills another person with premeditation a) RAPE b) THEFT c) MURDER 5) ... is when you trick somebody to get money or something from them a) FRAUD b) THEFT c) PIRACY 6) ... is when somebody forces another person to have sex a) ROBBERY b) RAPE c) VANDALISM 7) ... is when somebody takes a person’s money or possessions using violence a) FRAUD b) BURGLARY c) MUGGING

Crimes/Gruppo 2: Romanelli-Attanasio-Tedino-Rossi Lidia/2CL/ Patrizia De Caterina


Community Patrizia29 2CL

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