1) What is Emotional Appeal? a) Logos b) Ethos c) Pathos d) Legos e) Methos f) All of the above 2) What is the focus on in Logical Appeal? a) Audience b) Me c) Author/Speaker d) Message e) Logic f) Mrs. B's Class 3) What is an example of Ethical Appeal? a) Kids with diseases for charity commercials. b) Mr. Clean removes tough stains because no one else can. c) A chocolate bar Yum! d) Peter from spotify premium hold the skipping record e) Vape commercials that explain the bad things it can do to you. f) All of the above 4) What is Rhetoric?  a) The art of painting b) The art of eating a hot dog c) The art of writing d) The art of leadership e) The art of persuasion f) The art of Elision 5) Where do yo see Rhetoric ? a) Everywhere b) Somewhere c) Nowhere d) your house e) In writing f) On TV 6) What is Hard Evidence? a) Lies b) States Research and Opinions c) Laws d) An opinion from a professional e) Hypothesis f) States Facts and Research




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