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The puzzling hook: - ‘Clare and her monster moved through the darkening Hall, taking care to keep to one side, out of sight of the kitchen of course, The direct address hook: - Do you ever think about being born?, The subtle hook: - She started with the universe, The atmospheric hook: - A cold, wet and damp day in December. The clouds were so low they seemed to trail their mists in the treetops and already, at half past three it was dark within the forest., The visual hook: - Our classroom looked smashing. Lots of silver tinsel and crepe paper and lanterns. We even had fairy lights., The funny hook: - When Bill Simpson woke up on Monday morning, he found he was a girl. He was standing, staring at himself in the mirror, quite baffled, when his mother swept in. ‘Why don’t you wear this pretty pink dress?’ she said., The direct speech hook: - “I don’t care if your friend Darren has a python, a cockatoo and a marmoset monkey,” said mum, “the answer’s still no.”,

Narrative Hooks


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