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Imagine you get a magic sweater for your birthday. What happens when you wear the sweater? What do you do with these new found magical powers?, Write a story about being your daily life living in an underwater world., Imagine you look out the window and it is raining popsicles from the sky! Write a story about the experience., Write a story using these three words: detective, piano, and pizza., Is there something you are good at doing? Write about your best strengths and how you developed them., Write about 5 things you can do that are important for you to stay healthy and safe., What would you most like to learn about? Think about things that interest you or questions you might have about the world and make a list!, Imagine you have met a magician – but his beloved rabbit who he pulls out of his hat for all of his tricks has been kidnapped! How do you help him find his rabbit?, Are there any chores you have to do at home? What are they? What do you like – and not like – about each one?, Write a list of 10 things you can do to practice kindness to others., What is your favorite month of the year? Write about why you like it and some of your favorite things to do during that month., If you could start any type of business, what kind of business would you start? What types of products or services would you provide?, What do you think will be the future for cell phones? Will people still use them in 25 years or will something else take its place?.

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