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"What a Wonderful World" is a [pop] ballad. This is the song [most] associated with Louis Armstrong, but it does not [represent] the body of his work, which consists mostly of [jazz]. In America, this song [became] a beloved standard, but when it was first released in 1968, it barely dented the [charts]. It was [more] appreciated 20 years [later] when it was used in the Robin Williams [movie] Good Morning, Vietnam; the song was [re-released] to coincide with the film. Armstrong’s [performance] of the song was inducted into the ‘Grammy Hall of Fame’ in 1999. As was the [intention] of this Jazz track, this is a ‘feel-good’ song. It is [impossible] to not have a positive outlook on the [world] while listening to this song. It served its purpose back during the [war], and it serves its purpose [even] today. This song is [released] at a time where the US and UK had a very condemning [opinion] of the African Americans. Louis Armstrong, with his successful musical [career], had been [able] to turn this around for himself..

Louis Armstrong - What a Wonderful World


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