double a consonent - hop to hopped - hopped, if verb ends in 'e' just add d - race to raced - raced, if verb ends in y change y to i then ad ed - empty to emptied - emptied, just add ed - walk to walked - walked, have changed ie to y before adding ing - tie to tying - tying, just add ing - jump to jumping - jumping, if cvc word double the last consonent - run to running - running, if ends in e remove e - shake to shaking - shaking, just add er - old to older - older, if ends in e just add r - close to closer - closer, if cvc double the end letter and add er - big to bigger - bigger, if ends in y remove y and add i before er - pretty to prettier - prettier, just add est - soft to softest - softest, if ends in e just add est - wisest, if ends in y remove y and add i before est - laziest, if cvc double last consonent before est - saddest,

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