1) What is a marking knife used for? a) Cutting out paper templates b) Marking your name into wood c) Marking out on wood from measurements d) Soldering 2) Name this tool; a) Treble saw b) Tenon saw c) Coping saw d) Hack saw 3) Give the name of the two materials used to make the weight box; a) Beech b) M.D.F. c) Pine d) Plywood 4) Name this tool; a) Marking gouge b) Sliding gauge c) Marking gauge d) wood gauge 5) What is it used for? a) Marking lines on metal b) Marking lines on the bench c) Marking lines away from an edge d) Marking lines parallel to an edge 6) Which one of the following is used for a wasting process? a) Plane b) Scriber c) Micrometer d) Paint brush 7) Name this tool; a) Bench Hook b) Bench hanger c) Wood hanger d) beech hook 8) What is it used for? a) Protecting the bench b) Protecting the saw c) Allowing the work to be held secure d) Allowing the bench to be held 9) Name this tool; a) Hammer b) Mallet c) Marking gauge d) Raw hide mallet 10) What is it used for? a) Hitting the chisel head b) Hitting the head c) Hitting the bench d) Hitting the drill 11) Name this tool; a) Drill stand b) Drill sharpener c) Drill gauge d) Drill measurer 12) Name this tool; a) Twist drill b) Drill c) Drill bit d) Jobbing drill 13) Give the full name of the glue used; a) Poly Versatile Adhesive b) Poly Vinyl Adhesive c) Poly Vinyl Acrylic d) Poly Vinyl Acetate 14) Name this tool; a) Plain b) Plane c) Bench Plane d) Bench Plain 15) Name this tool; a) Cramp b) G cramp c) Clamp d) G clamp 16) What is it used for? a) Clamping work together b) Clamping glue together c) Clamping to the bench d) Clamping to the vice 17) Name this tool; a) Tri Square b) Square c) Engineers Square d) Try Square 18) What is it used for? a) Checking parallel lines b) Checking straight lines c) Checking right angles d) Checking angles 19) Name this tool; a) Voice b) Bench vice c) Metal Vice d) Vice 20) Name this wood work joint; a) Dovetail b) Tenon c) Housing d) Comb 21) Give the full name of this tool; a) Chisel b) Mortise chisel c) Dovetail Chisel d) Bevel Chisel 22) Name the grain shown; a) End grain b) Back grain c) Long grain d) Tree grain




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