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1) How old are you? a) She is 10 years old b) I'm 9 years old c) I'm 8 year olds 2) Where do you live? a) She is American b) I'm a student c) In Milan 3) What is she like? a) She's very nice b) She likes ice-cream c) Your friends are funny 4) Has he got any brothers or sisters? a) She's got a dog b) One brother c) He is her cousin 5) Where is the cinema? a) It's next to the library b) It's very big c) No, it isn't 6) What is her phone number? a) I can ask her b) She is in class 13 c) Her phone is ok 7) Where is Tony? a) He's blond b) He's going home c) It's by the sea 8) When are they leaving? a) They are working b) They are at school c) Tomorrow! 9) How often do you play tennis? a) Now. b) With my brother. c) Three times a month 10) How much is it? a) It's 13 euros. b) Yes, very much. c) It's 13 years old

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