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theft - the act of stealing something, robbery - the action of stealing something form a person or a place, pickpocketing - stealing from a person's pocket, mugging - taking a person's money or possessions using violence, burglary - breaking into a house and stealing thimgs from it, shoplifting - taking something from a shop without paying, kidnapping - stealing children, fraud - tricking a person to get money or something else from it, piracy - copying software such as CDs and DVDs illegally, vandalism - damage to public property, stalking - repeated chase, physical violence - intentional bodily contact with somebody which has an impact to the person, rape - sexual violence, murder - killing somebody, selling drugs - selling illegals narcotic substances, smuggling - selling illegals products all over the world,

CRIMES - 2CL De Caterina Group3 (Cariello, Fragnito, Milano, Zotti)


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