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What colour is your pen? - It's blue, What's your name? - My name is Elisa, Where are you from? - I'm from Italy, How old are you? - I'm 25 years old, How old is Laura? - She is 20 years old, How old is Marco? - He's 10 years old, What time is it? - It's a quarter to six, What's the weather like today? - It's raining, What are your favourite subjects? - (They are) PE and English, What is your favourite subject? - It's PE, When is your birthday? - It's in May, What time is lunch? - It's at 12:30, Why do you like summer? - Because it's hot and I go on holiday, Where do you live? - I live in Bergamo, Where were you born? - I was born in Milan, Have you got any brothers or sisters? - Yes, I have a sister,

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