1) What animal pulls Santa's sleigh? a) Guinea Pigs b) Deer c) Reindeer d) Swans 2) How many days are there on an advent calendar? a) 12 b) 14 c) 50 d) 24 3) What is the name of the reindeer with the famous red nose? a) Blizten b) Dancer c) Rudolph d) Donna 4) Christmas celebrates the birthday of who...? a) Santa b) My Mum c) Jesus d) Rudolph 5) In the nativity play, the kings bring gold, frankincense and... a) myrrh b) wool c) money d) credit cards 6) What is traditional to eat on Christmas day? a) Lamb b) Turkey c) Chicken d) Beef 7) what do people usually put at the top of their tree? a) parrot b) elf c) star d) witch 8) where did the baby Jesus sleep? a) in a bush b) in a manger c) in a bed d) on a chair 9) What are Santa's helpers called? a) Oompa Loompas b) Elves c) Cats d) Children 10) What should you leave out for Santa on Christmas Eve? a) Chocolate b) A Mince Pie c) McDonalds d) Carrot 11) In the song 'Silent Night' what is the missing word? Silent night, ________ night a) holy b) silent c) dark d) quiet 12) In our play, what country do Hedgehog class represent? a) Hungary b) USA c) Malawi d) Moscow 13) Which of these children play an angel in our play? a) Darcy b) Emmanuel c) Dexter d) Purva 14) Where does Santa live? a) South Pole b) Neverland c) North Pole d) My House 15) What are the round things called which we hang on trees a) bubbles b) balloons c) burps d) baubles




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