1) Bear Grylls has renamed his alarm clock an opportunity clock to . . . negative connotations. a) test b) fight c) avoid 2) He said he believes that beginning the day with positive . . . has psychological and physiological benefits.  a) terminology b) intentions c) solutions 3) A new year has just . . . a) beginned b) begun c) began 4) Bear Grylls is . . . a) a politician b) an adventurer c) a psychotherapist 5) Bear Grylls lives . . . a) on an island b) on a houseboat c) on both 6) Grylls says it is important to show our . . . side. a) best b) vulnerable c) hidden 7) Grylls' book is titled: a) Brain food b) Mind food c) Mind fuel 8) What is his advice to start your day? a) A 30-minute run b) A 30 second-cold shower c) A quick breakfast




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