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Low density lipoproteins - LDLs, Saturated fats, cholesterol and protein - LDLs, From liver to body tissues - LDLs, If too much cholesterol is consumed, levels will increase in the blood - LDLs, Fatty depositions in artery walls - LDLs, Eating lots of animal fats will increase concentration - LDLs, Eating polyunsaturated fats helps to reduce concentrations in the blood - LDLs, Eating monounsaturated fats helps reduce concentrations in the blood - LDLs, High density lipoproteins - HDLs, Unsaturated fats, cholesterol and protein - HDLs, From body tissue to the liver - HDLs, Associated with reducing blood cholesterol levels - HDLs, Reduces fatty depositions in artery walls by atherosclerosis - HDLs, Eating plant oils increase the proportion in the blood - HDLs, Transports cholesterol - Both, Released into the blood - Both, Taken up by cells that have the correct receptor sites - Both, Fat combined with protein - Both, Eating a low-fat diet will reduce the concentration - Both,

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