1) What city is this? a) London b) New York c) Hollywood d) Washington 2) What is the nickname of New York? a) The Big Apple b) The Small Apple c) The Great Apple d) The Red Apple 3) What is this statue called? a) The Eiffel Tower b) Big Ben c) The White House d) The Statue of Liberty 4) What is the capital city of the USA? a) New York b) Los Angeles c) Washington d) Miami 5) What does the USA stand for? a) The United States of Africa b) The United States of America c) The United Kingdon d) The Unicorn States of America 6) Who lives in the White House? a) The president b) The king c) The queen d) The prime minister 7) How high is the Statue of Liberty? a) Sixty-two meters b) Ninety-two meters c) Fifty-two meters d) Ninety-six meters 8) What is the most famous amusement park in the USA? a) Gradaland b) Disneyland c) Las Vegas d) Hollywood 9) What can you see in Hollywood? a) Actors, cameras and studios b) Animals c) Teachers d) Schools 10) How many stars are there on the American flag? a) 60 b) 40 c) 100 d) 50 11) What is this? a) A guitar b) A banjo c) A piano d) A violin 12) What is the most popular food in America? a) Pizza b) Pasta c) Hamburgers d) Salads 13) What do you need to play baseball? a) A racket b) A skateboard c) A plane d) A bat and a glove 14) What do children get for Halloween? a) Pizzas b) Candies c) Hamburgers d) Juice 15) How do we call this place? a) Grand Kania b) Big Canyon c) Grand Canyon d) Big Kanion




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