1) Who met on a blind date? a) Joe and Marilyn b) Bonnie and Clyde c) Yoko Ono and John Lennon 2) They remained friends after their divorce... a) Joe and Marilyn b) Bonnie and Clyde c) Yoko and John 3) He was killed by a crazed fan in front of his wife... a) Clyde b) John c) Joe 4) Bonnie and Clyde... a) met at a gallery b) met at a friend's house c) met in a bar 5) Police ambush was the end for... a) Yoko and John b) Bonnie and Clyde c) Joe and Marilyn 6) He was a petty thief... a) Joe DiMaggio b) John Lennon c) Clyde Barrow 7) John and Yoko a) did crimes together b) protested against Vietnam war c) got divorced 8) Their marriage was stormy. They are... a) John and Yoko b) Joe and Marilyn c) Bonnie and Clyde 9) They had a son, Sean. They are... a) Bonnie and Clyde b) Yoko and John c) Joe and Marilyn 10) She followed her man wherever he went. She was... a) Marilyn b) Bonnie c) Yoko 11) What did Joe di Maggio send to Marilyn's grave? a) six lillies b) six red roses c) six carnations 12) Who was Joe DiMaggio? a) A famous basketball player b) A famous football player c) A famous baseball player




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