1) This is at the bottom of your shoe a) sole b) soul 2) When you die this part of you goes to heaven a) sole b) soul 3) This happens when a ball leaves your hand a) thrown b) thone 4) A king sits here a) thrown b) throne 5) When you are hurt you feel this a) pain b) pane 6) Your window has this inside the frame a) pain b) pane 7) When it's dark outside there is no light a) night b) knight 8) Every castle has a hero who is not the princess a) night b) knight 9) A boy to his mum is what? a) son b) sun 10) In summer you see lots of this in the sky a) son b) sun 11) I live over.... a) there b) they're c) their 12) This comes after one a) too b) to c) two 13) The journey is what long? a) too b) to c) two 14) In the line I had to do this? a) wait b) weight 15) Grams is also known as a unit of what? a) wait b) weight 16) Monday is the first day of what? a) week b) weak 17) After the gym or an illness I feel really what? a) week b) weak 18) Have you seen the sunny what outside? a) weather b) whether 19) I don't know weather/whether to go out today a) weather b) whether 20) We use a pen to do this a) right b) write 21) This is the opposite to left a) right b) write 22) What is the next number after zero? a) one b) won 23) When you come first in a race you have what? a) one b) won 24) Where do you get honey from? a) be b) bee 25) You need to be/bee good a) be b) bee




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