Last summer, I had the opportunity to visit my grandparents who live in the countryside. I had always heard stories about their farm, but I had never ____. As soon as I arrived, I could feel the warm and welcoming atmosphere of their home. My grandparents ____ and we spent the first few days catching up and reminiscing about old times. I loved hearing their stories and learning about their lives. One of the highlights of the trip was spending time on the farm. My grandparents showed me around and ____, including the chickens, cows, and horses. I was amazed by how much work went into running a farm. Another highlight of the trip was the delicious food that my grandmother cooked. I loved ____ that she made. I also enjoyed spending time with my grandfather, who was a talented gardener. He showed me around his garden and ____ that he grew. Overall, my trip to visit my grandparents was a special experience. I loved spending time with them and ____. I am grateful for the opportunity to have such a close relationship with them, and I am already ____. Fans of thrill rides and amusement parks are ____ as construction begins on a new theme park set to open in 2022. The park, which is being developed ____, promises to be a state-of-the-art destination. According to the park's developers, the new theme park will feature a variety of exciting rides and attractions, including roller coasters, water rides, and interactive shows. There will also be a wide range of dining and shopping options, as well as ____ for events and group gatherings. One of ____ of the park is the "Skyline," a series of interconnected roller coasters that will take riders on a high-speed journey through the park. With multiple inversions and high-speed turns, the Skyline is sure to be a hit with thrill-seekers. In addition to the exciting rides and attractions, the park will also feature ____, including a virtual reality escape room and a laser tag arena. These interactive attractions will allow visitors to fully immerse themselves in the park's world and have a truly unique and memorable experience. With construction well underway, excitement is building ____ of the new theme park in 2022. It's sure to be a must-visit destination for families and thrill-seekers alike. I have always been interested in art, but it wasn't until recently that I discovered my passion for painting. ____ . I was immediately drawn to the medium of painting, and ____ of creating something from scratch. At first, ____ because I wasn't sure if I was any good at it. But as I began to experiment with different techniques and styles, I found that I really enjoyed the process. I loved the way that the paint flowed onto the canvas and how ____. As I continued to paint, ____. I enjoyed setting aside time each week to work on my paintings, and I loved seeing how my skills improved over time. I also enjoyed experimenting with different subjects and themes, and I found that I was really drawn to nature and landscapes. Overall, discovering my passion for painting has been a really rewarding experience. ____ and self-expression, and I have enjoyed the process of learning and improving. I am excited to continue exploring this hobby and seeing where it takes me.




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