I'm hungry. - Mówisz mamie, że jesteś głodny., I don't like playing this game. - Mówisz koledze, że nie lubisz grać w tę grę., That's a good idea. - Ktoś proponuje wyjście do kina. Uważasz, że to dobry pomysł., Yes, I do. I'm good at it. - Do you like cooking?, Me too. We can play together. - She likes playing board games., Yes, please. - Would you like an orange?, Yes, she does. - Does she tidy up her house every week?, Yes, he does. - Does he make sandwiches every morning?, No, they don't. - Do they go swimming at weekends?, rides - Sally ___________ her scooter on Saturdays., does - Marcin ___________ tricks at birthday parties., eats - Kate __________ apples every day., doesn't read - Monica _______ _______ school books on holiday., watches - Peter ________ films in the afternoon., walks - Sarah _______ to school five days a week.,





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