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In the morning I wake up at 7.40. Then I have [breakfast] and I get dressed. I [leave] home at 8.00 and I go to school on [foot]. School [starts] at 8.20 and [finishes]  at 1.20. I have [lunch] with my [family] at 1.30. In the [afternoon] I do my [homework] and then I go to the [park] and I play with my [friends]. At 5.30 I come back [home] and I have a [snack]. I have a sandwich and a [coke]. I wait for my parents to come back from [work] and at about 7.30 I help my [mother] to cook  dinner. At 8.00 we have [dinner] all together. After dinner I [watch] TV and at 10.00 I go to [bed] because the day after I have to get  up early  to go to [school] again..


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