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Na+ - Sodium ion, Ca2+ - Calcium ion, Zn2+ - Zinc ion, Fe2+ - Iron (II) ion, K+ - Potassium ion, NH4+ - Ammonium ion, Ag+ - Silver ion, H+ - Hydrogen ion, Li+ - Lithium ion, Mg2+ - Magnesium ion, Cu2+ - Copper (II) ion, Pb2+ - Lead ion, Be2+ - Beryllium ion, Al3+ - Aluminium ion, Fe3+ - Iron (III) ion, OH- - Hydroxide ion, Cl- - Chloride ion, NO3- - Nitrate ion, HCO3- - Hydrogen Carbonate ion, O2- - Oxide ion, S2- - Sulfide ion, CO32- - Carbonate ion, SO42- - Sulfate ion, PO43- - Phosphate ion, P3- - Phosphide ion,

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