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noun - a naming word, verb - a doing word, adjective - describes a noun, adverb - gives more information about the verb, pronoun - stands in place of a noun, preposition - places something e.g. in a time or place, article - the, an, a, clause - a group of words, more than a phrase, that includes a noun and a verb, phrase - a short, single piece of information , subordinate clause - adds more information to the sentence, main clause - the most important clause in a sentence, antonym - the opposite, synonym - a word that means the same as another, contraction - a shortened form of words (using ' ), imperative/command - order, singular - one, statement - plain sentence, usually factual, question - asking for a response, plural - more than one, tense - showing the time something happens, prefix - a letter or group of letters before a root word to change its meaning or use, suffix - a letter or group of letters at the end of a root word to change its meaning or use, active - the subject performs the action given by the verb, passive - it isn't stated who performs the action given by the verb - the important thing is that it was done, subject - the person doing the action in the sentence (usually at the start of the sentence), object - the person or thing that is having something done to it (usually at the end of a sentence),

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