1) Where is the earthquake most powerful? a) Central City b) Central Zone c) Epicentre 2) What nationality was Charles Richter? a) Egyptian b) American c) Pakistani 3) If an earthquake siren is sounded, what do you do? a) Go in the lift. b) Climb out the window. c) Drop, cover and hold on. 4) What does 'San Andreas' stand for in English? a) Saint Anthony b) Saint Andrew c) Saint Harry 5) What does 'San Francisco' stand for in English? a) Saint Fred b) Saint Francis c) Saint Fault 6) What word means 'shakes'? a) trip trap b) trouble c) tremors 7) What does 'magnitude' mean? a) power/strength of an earthquake b) strength of a punch c) enormous 8) What is the hottest part of the earth? a) outer core b) mantle c) inner core 9) What is the outer part of the earth called? a) ground b) soil c) crust 10) What is the area called where the most earthquakes happen? a) Ring of Fire b) Ring of Gold c) Ring of Silver 11) What should be in an earthquake survival kit? a) can of cola b) torch and batteries c) sausages 12) Who would help prepare people for an emergency? a) Snow White b) the traffic police c) the government / emergency services




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