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Analyse - Explain the main ideas of a topic, show why they are important and how they are related, Compare and Contrast - show the similarities and differences, Conclude - Make a decision after reasoning something out, Define - Give the meaning of , Describe - Give a detailed account, Discuss - Explore the subjects by looking at the advantages and disadvantages, Distinguish - Explain the difference, Examine - Look at something more closely, Explain - Describe, giving reason and causes, Evaluate - Give an opinion by exploring the good and bad points (pros and cons), Give reasons for... - Using words like BECAUSE to explaining how or why something is a certain way, Identify - Recognise, prove something as being certain , Illustrate - Show by explaining and giving examples, Interpret - Explain the meaning by using examples and opinions , Justify - Give good reasons for offering an opinion or reaching a conclusion., Outline - Concentrate on the main bits of a topic., Summarise - Give the main points of an idea or argument. Leave out unnecessary details.,

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