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1) I have a headache. a) You should take a painkiller. b) You should buy a magazine. c) you shouldn't drink water. d) You should go to the shopping centre. 2) Charlotte has got a stomach ache a) She should eat a bar of chocolate. b) She shouldn't eat sweets. c) You shouldn´t talk to her. d) You should chat with her. 3) You want to loose weight. a) You shouldn´t eat meat. b) You should ask your friend to eat your lunch. c) You should do more sports, then you can eat whatever you want. d) You shouldn´t eat fats. 4) Your mum asks you to look after your younger sister. a) You shouldn´t accept it. b) You should send her to your grandma. c) You must do many activities with her. d) You should accept it. 5) Your room is in a big mess. a) You should use another one. b) You should tidy it up. c) You should throw your things to the bin. d) You should go out with your friends. 6) You are hungry. a) You should drink a glass of water. b) You should order a pizza. c) You shouldn't eat too much. d) You should go to bed. 7) Henry has got a backache. a) He should eat some bread. b) He shouldn't stay in bed. c) He shouldn't carry heavy bags. d) He shouldn't watch TV. 8) You've got a pain in your arm. a) You should take a pill. b) You should carry heavy bags. c) You should go to the gym. d) You shouldn't watch tv. 9) You need some money. a) You should ask your parents. b) You shouldn´t ask your parents. c) You should steal it. d) You should start working! 10) You've got a high temperature. a) You should stay in bed. b) You should go to volleyball training. c) You should go to school. d) You shouldn't take an aspirin. 11) My daughter's got a sore throat a) She shouldn't wear a scarf. b) She should go to the dentist's c) She shouldn't go to the doctor d) She should take some syrup.


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