sort out  - find a solution to a problem successfully , tight - if you don't have enough time to finish the task, it means you're working to a _______ deadline., stressful - when you have a lot of tasks and deadlines on the project, the situation is ____________ for you. You can feel nervous and not relaxed. , insecurity - A feeling that you have when you don't have any stability at work, you're afraid of losing a job. , complex - the synonym of 'difficult', meet - if you _______ a deadline, it means you do the tasks on time. , waste - if you __________ your time, you spend it in a useless way, not effectively. , unexpected - issues that appear suddenly and which you don't wait for according to the schedule and your plan. , face - the synonym of 'have' a problem , blocker - something that doesn't give you a chance to finish the task on time. ,

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