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Starting nearest the Sun, if Mercury = 1, which planet are we on? - 3, What do you find between Mars and Jupiter - Asteroid belt, Which planet has a sulphuric acid atmosphere? - Venus, The red planet - Mars, The shape of planetary orbits - Ellipse, Planet which spins 'on its side' - Uranus, Methane in this planet's atmosphere makes it look blue - Neptune, Which planet has nights which are 600 degrees colder than days? - Mercury, All the planets orbit the... - Sun, When the Earth is in the Moon's shadow - Solar eclipse, When the Moon is in the Earth's shadow - Lunar eclipse, When the Moon appears as a bright white circle - Full Moon, When you can barely see the Moon, because the Sun is lighting the other side of it. - New Moon, Has the volcano Olympus Mons - Mars, Has the Cassini division between its rings - Saturn, Is the hottest planet - Venus, The only spacecraft to have left the Solar System - Voyager, Its biggest moon is called Ganymede - Jupiter, A main planet with only one moon - Earth, The name for a lump of rock up to 300km across which orbits the Sun - Asteroid, Lump of ice and dust orbiting the Sun on a highly elliptical orbit - Comet, Has a white cloud called 'scooter' - Neptune, A group of hundreds of billions of stars - Galaxy, The name of 'our' galaxy - Milky Way, Distance to Sun is 1.5x1011m. Write this as a normal number (don't forget the 'm'). - 150000000000m,

Solar system names



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