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the bottom chamber of the heart - ventricle, the top chamber of the heart - atrium, carries blood away from heart - artery, carries blood to the heart - vein, main artery of body - aorta, main vein of body - vena cava, prevents blood from ventricle entering atrium - atrio-ventricular valve, prevents blood from artery entering ventricle - semi-lunar valve, carries high pressure deoxygenated blood - pulmonary artery, carries low pressure oxygenated blood - pulmonary vein, allows materials out of blood to tissues - capillaries, component of blood allows clotting - platelets, these carry oxygen in the blood - red blood cells, compound that combines with oxygen in blood - haemoglobin, these hold the valve flaps in place - heartstrings, the blood components which are part of the immune system - white blood cells, the liquid part of the blood - plasma, 80% of the blood plasma is this - water, carries blood to the kidney - renal artery, collects blood from the liver - hepatic vein, collects blood from the kidney - renal vein, takes blood to the liver - hepatic artery, controls the contraction of the heart muscle - pacemaker, volume of blood pumped per minute - cardiac output, takes blood to the heart muscle - coronary artery,

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