Distance from one wave peak to the next - Wavelength, Time for a wave to pass you - Time period, Number of waves made each second - Frequency, Symbol for the unit of frequency - Hz, High point on a wave - Peak, Low point on a wave - Trough, Height of peak above middle line - Amplitude, Depth of trough below middle line - Amplitude, Wave where particles move parallel to the energy - Longitudinal, Wave where particles move perpendicular to the energy - Transverse, Seismic wave which can pass through liquids - P wave, Frequency above which sound can not be heard - 20 kHz, What you call 'sound' below 20 Hz - Infrasound, Equation relating frequency (f) and time period (T) - f=1/T, Equation relating speed (c), frequency (f) and wavelength (L) - c=fL, A wave can carry... - Energy, A wave can carry... - Information, Speed of sound in air = - 330 m/s, Speed of sound in water = - 1400 m/s, Speed of light in vacuum = - 300000000 m/s,




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