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Contraception - Used to prevent pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections., Consent - Showing or verbally communicating a clear 'Yes' to an activity., Sexting - Sharing sexual, naked, semi-naked images, videos or sexually explicit messages., Revenge Porn - Sharing of sexually explicit images or videos without the consent of the person who features in it., Cisgender - A person whose gender identity matches the biological sex they were born with., Sex - Refers to the biological features of a person., Transgender - Someone whose gender identity is different from the biological sex they were born with., Transvestism - The practice of wearing the clothes which are typically associated with the opposite sex., Non-binary - People who feel that the biological sex they were born with does not reflect their identity. However, they do not feel that they are one gender or another., Bisexual - People who are sexually attracted to both sexes., Asexual - People who are not sexually attracted to either sex., Homosexual - A person who is sexually attracted to someone of the same sex., Heterosexual - Someone who is sexually attracted to someone of the opposite sex., Pornography - Written, printed or video material that contains sexually explicit images or content that some people find to be arousing.,

Year 10 Sex and Relationships Education Key Terms


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