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1) If the water reaches 100 degrees , it _____. a) boiled b) has boiled c) had warmed d) boil e) warmed f) boils 2) if I ______ money , I would have gone to Madrid. a) had had b) had c) have d) have had e) have has f) has 3) If she is hungry after her daily workout , she _____ a delicious sandwich a) will eats b) eat c) will eat d) eats e) ate f) eaten 4) If I was able to sing , I would ___ to a talent show. a) go b) gone c) have gone d) has gone e) went f) goes 5) If you _____ dry ice in your hand , you get hurt. a) had b) would has c) has d) have e) would have f) will have 6) Unless he gives any orchid to her at their anniversary, she_____ very angry . a) is b) won't is c) will be d) be e) would be f) would has been



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