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Acid - Something that keeps red litmus paper red. Has a pH of less than 7. Chemical opposite of Alkali., Alkali - Something that turns red litmus paper blue. Has a pH of more than 7. Chemical opposite of Acid., Indicator - Substance that will show if something is an acid or an alkali by changing colour., Neutralisation - The chemical change when an acid and an alkali react together to produce a salt and water., Products - The new substances made by a chemical reaction., pH Scale - A numbered scale from 1-14 showing the strength of acids and alkalis. 1 is a strong acid, 14 is a strong alkali., Combustion - The chemical change usually called Burning., Reversible Change - A change where you can turn what you make back into what you started with., Physical Change - A change where no new substances are made and can be reversed.,

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