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solid - One of the three states of matter, liquid - When ice melts it makes a..., gas - Oxygen is an example of this, squeakypop - Positive result for hydrogen gas, oxygen - Positive result this gas is a glwoing spill relights, Carbondioxide - A positive result for this gas is limewater turns milky, evaporation - When a liquid boils it begins to..., condensation - When a gas cools it is called..., diffusion - The spread of particles from high concentration to low concentration is called..., dissolving - When we add sugar to a cup of tea it..., ice - When water freezes we get..., boilingpoint - 100 degrees Celsius is the .... of water, meltingpoint - 0 degrees Celsius is the .... of water, vibrate - Particles in solids, liquids and gases all do this, filterfunnel - To separate sand from salt water you would use a...,


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