1) In Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, what is Charlie's surname? a) Brown b) Jones c) Mop d) Bucket 2) What year did the Titanic sink? a) 1912 b) 1914 c) 1910 d) 1919 3) How long has Luis Suarez been banned from playing football for? a) 3 months b) 4 months c) 5 months d) 6 months 4) What was the final score in the England v Costa Rica match? a) 1-0 b) 0-0 c) 2-1 d) 1-1 5) What is the name of the newly crowned World's Ugliest Dog? a) Stinky b) Spike c) Peanut d) Rex 6) Who wrote The Fault in Our Stars? a) John Green b) Tom Green c) John Black d) Tom Black 7) What kind of animal is Mrs Tiggy-Winkle? a) Rabbit b) Badger c) Hedgehog d) Cat 8) Who sings the film version of Let It Go? a) Demi Lovato b) Adele Dazeem c) Idina Menzel d) Kristen Bell 9) Which tree do acorns come from? a) Fir b) Oak c) Pine d) Beech 10) Which river runs through Liverpool? a) Mersey b) Tyne c) Ellen d) Seine 11) What is the capital city of Australia? a) Sydney b) Canberra c) Melbourne d) Wooloomooloo 12) Which of these is not a spell in Harry Potter? a) Expecto Patronum b) Crucio c) Expelliarmus d) Lumio

General Knowledge quiz 2




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