Did you play video games two days ago?, We went to the park three hours ago., Did Jane eat an apple? No, she didn't., At the moment our two dogs are sleeping on Mike's bed., I play volleyball every day., Did you see your best friend last week?, Yesterday I walked to school, I didn't go with my friend., My brother never eats chips., Now we are watching our favourite movie., Did you walk in the park two days ago?, I am not playing outside with my friends now because it's raining., Every Sunday I call my grandmother., Was Paul phoning his friend?, My dad didn't walk the dog yesterday., He's flying a kite on the beach right now., My grandpa helped me do my homework last night., They drove to school in the morning., The cat was sitting on the tree, when it saw a bird., She was having a bath, when her mother arrived., Were they listening to the radio last night?, They were reading magazines while their father was cooking dinner., She was not eating a sandwich. She was drinking a milkshake., Tom didn't arrive on time at the airport yesterday., My sister met her English friend at the station., Did they go to Paris last Christmas? Yes, I did., Is Lena singing in the shower now?, She texted me yesterday evening while I was chatting with Clara., My parents stayed in a luxurious hotel during their last holiday ., We're working very hard at the moment., I love English! Do you?.




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