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1) Select the word that is NOT a type of energy covered in the text. a) Kinetic b) Stationary c) Food 2) What is the passage mostly about? a) Several different types of energy, what they do, and how they work. b) How humans use energy from the sun c) The difference between kinetic energy and potential energy. d) How to measure energy. 3) Choose the answer that best completes the sentence below. After a roller coaster has reached the lowest point and begins the ascent, the energy ........ from kinetic to potential. a) rolls b) changes c) measures d) becomes 4) When energy moves from one form to another, the best word to describe this is: a) kinetic b) jumps c) transfers d) potential 5) How does the author investigate potential energy? a) By discussing vibrational energy, rotational energy and translational energy? b) Through giving the analogy of a roller coaster. c) Through using the analogy of a bow and arrow. d) All of the above.

Energy Questions


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