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The most common car colour nowadays is silver. - FACT, Celtic is a football team. - FACT, Smoking has an effect on the human body. - FACT, It’s wrong to take part in boxing matches. - OPINION, John F. Kennedy was the best president America ever had. - OPINION, Human cloning is always wrong. - OPINION, Art galleries are boring. - OPINION, Silver cars look sleek and clean. - OPINION, Scientists are very close to being able to carry out human cloning. - OPINION, People who like Lord of the Rings are nerds. - OPINION, Lord of the Rings was voted the best book of the 20th century. - FACT, Celtic shouldn’t pay huge fees to players’ agents. - OPINION, John F. Kennedy was shot and killed in 1963. - FACT, Teenagers shouldn’t smoke. - OPINION, Some boxers suffer brain damage because of their sport. - FACT, There are four large art galleries in Edinburgh. - FACT,

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