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1) We ____________ to the cinema last night. a) went b) were c) came 2) She ____________her leg two weeks ago. a) lost b) broke c) chose 3) They ____________ a wallet on the pavement yesterday afternoon. a) took b) thought c) found 4) My friends and I ______________ at the stadium to see a football match. a) drank b) drove c) met 5) You and Rachel ________________ your books at home. a) forgot b) lost c) threw 6) My grandma _________ very lonely last night. a) saw b) felt c) hit 7) Two years ago we ___________to New York. a) stole b) flew c) held 8) Yesterday________ the best day of my life! a) were b) was c) had 9) Last Monday he ____________ a new car. a) bought b) sang c) read 10) Last summer we __________ a lot of fun at the seaside. a) Got b) Had c) Were 11) Ralph _____________ the competition very easily. a) cut b) hung c) won 12) _______ she _____________ a new dress yesterday afternoon? a) Did_________bought b) Does________buy c) Did _________buy 13) My parents ____________________ for Paris two weeks ago. a) Didn't leave b) Not left c) Don't leave 14) She ___________early last Sunday, so she _______________ to the seaside with her friends. a) Doesn't get up/ can't go b) Don't get up/ couldn't go c) Didn't get up/ couldn't go 15) When _________you _________ your car keys? I ________ them last week. a) Did_____lose/ lost b) Have you lose/ lose c) Do you lost/ losted 16) Whe I _____at primary school I _____________ a uniform. a) Was / didn't wore b) Was / didn't wear c) Were / didn't wear 17) Last night he ___________ the fridge and ___________ a bottle of milk. a) Opens / takes b) Opened / took c) Opened / taked 18) In 1492 Christopher Columbus ________________ America. a) Discovered b) Arrived c) Left 19) We ______________ Lower Secondary School two years ago. a) Invites b) Destroyed c) Began 20) Last Summer my friends and I ______________ on holiday in Mexico. a) Arrived b) Started c) Went

Past Simple Affirmative, negative and interrogative.


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