1) What are your goals? 2) What was your greatest challenge? 3) Do you know the customs process? 4) How was your work environment? 5) How many years did you work in Marel? 6) Why did you left Marel? 7) What are your skills? 8) What are you afraid of? 9) What are the necessary documents for importation? 10) What do you know about this company? 11) What systems did you use to use? 12) What are your dreams? 13) Tell me about your Raizen experience. 14) Describe your last job.  15) How much do you expect to receive? 16) What incoterm did you use? 17) Describe the importation process 18) How was the cost reduction project? 19) How much did you import in Marel? 20) Where did you usually import from? 21) What does Marel do? 22) What do you wait for in this company? 23) Are you single? 24) Are you studying? Or wish to? 25) How many employers Marel has? 26) What did you use to import? 27) Are you available for travels and changes? 28) When are you available to start? 29) Tell me your hobbies. 30) Do you have a driver's license? 31) Why do you want to work here? 32) Do you have leadership skills? 33) Give me an example that you used your skills. 34) What are your bad points? 35) Where do you see yourelf within 5 years? 36) Why should we hire you?


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