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1) Who is the patron Saint of England and Portugal? a) St George b) St Andrew c) St Patrick 2) What are Brie, Roquefort and Camembert? a) Cakes b) Drinks c) Cheeses 3) What does 'Real' in Real Madrid mean? a) True b) Best c) Royal 4) What is the German underground system called? a) Metro b) Bahnhof c) U-bahn 5) From which language do we get the word 'graffiti'? a) French b) Spanish c) Italian 6) What is the capital of Sweden? a) Stockholm b) Oslo c) Copenhagen 7) Where might someone greet you with 'bore da'? a) Poland b) Wales c) Holland 8) Which country traditionally gives London a Christmas Tree for Trafalgar Square? a) Norway b) Scotland c) Iceland 9) Which country has a national airline called Iberia ? a) Spain b) Greece c) Slovakia 10) Which day of the week is called martes, mardi or martedì in 3 different European Languages? a) Monday b) Tuesday c) Thursday

European Languages Day Quiz


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