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Harry Potter - A Young Wizard, Michael Morpurgo - Author of 'War Horse', Miss Trunchball - A mean head teacher, Dumbledore - A wonderful head teacher, Joe Spud - Main character in 'Billionaire Boy', David Walliams - Author of 'Gangsta Granny'. , Blackjack - Percy Jackson's pet, Francesca Simon - Author of 'Horrid Henry', Perfect Peter - Henry's brother, Percy Jackson - He is a demigod, 101 - The amount of Dalmatians , Enid Blyton - Author of 'Noddy'. , Winnie The Pooh - Friend of Tigger's , Tinkerbell - Peter Pan's sidekick, Oliver Twist - An orphan in London, Gollum - Lord of the Rings character, Deatheater - Harry Potter baddie ,

Literary Quiz - KS2


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