Today people buy things with money or bank ____.  However, at one time there wasn't any money. People didn't buy things; they ____ them. This is called ____.  This system wasn't very practical, but that's how ____ was done for thousands of years. Everything became much simpler when people started to use ____. First, people used ____ and stones as money. Later, ____ metals like gold and silver were used. The first real ____ were made by the Lydians in about 650 BC. They were ____ with a lion's head which was the king's symbol. The Lydians lived in western ____.  Soon their coins were being used all over the ____.   The first paper money was  produced by the ____ in the 9th century AD. In the modern age new ways of paying have been invented: ____, credit cards and debit cards. Some people think that in the future everything will be paid for ____. Coins and ____ won't be used at all.

The story of money-Fill in the text.





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