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4x+24 - 4(x+6), 2ab+a²b - ab(2+a), 2x²+8x - 2(x²+4x), a²-6a - a(a-6), 2x²+8x - 2x(x+4), 18-3a - 3(6-a), 4a+8b-16c - 4(a+2b-4c), 5ab+10b - 5b(a+2), f²+efg - f(f+eg), 5ab+10b - 5b(a+2), 10a+15b - 5(2a+3b), a²-6a - a(a-6), 4a-6b - 2(2a-3b), 4a+8b-16c - 4(a+2b-4c), 8p-6q+4 - 2(4p-3q+2), 2a+2 - 2(a+1), f²+ efg - f(f+eg),

Factorising Flip Tiles


Flip tiles is an open-ended template. It does not generate scores for a leaderboard.

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