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gene - A sequence of bases on a DNA molecule that codes for a polypeptide which results in a characteristic, Allele - A different version of a gene, genotype - the alleles an organism has, phenotype - the characteristics the alleles produce, dominant - an allele whose characteristic appears in the phenotype even if there is only one copy., recessive - an allele whose characteristic only appears in the phenotype if two copies are present, codominant - alleles that are both expressed in the phenotype, locus - the fixed position of a gene on a chromosome. Alleles of a gene are found at the same locus on each chromosome in a pair., homozygote - an organism that carries two copies of the same allele, heterozygote - an organism that carries two different alleles, carrier - a person carrying an allele which is not expressed in the phenotype but that can be passed on to offspring.,

Gene terminology


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