1) The proposed curriculum in Wales sets out requirements for children aged between a) 3-11 b) 5-20 c) 3-16 d) 11-19 2) The new Welsh curricula framework is designed to;  a) help practitioners to develop a more integrated and holistic approach to learning b) lessen the workload for teachers. c) challenge all learners.   d) return to a traditional way of teaching, concentrating on seperate subject areas. 3) What country in the UK follows the Foundation Phase Framework? a) England b) Northern Ireland c) Scotland d) Wales 4) What is the name of the curriculum in Scotland? a) Curriculum of Brilliance. b) Curriculum of Excellence. c) Curriculum of Supremacy. d) Curriculum of Distinction. 5) What age does the National Curriculum of Northern Ireland, Foundation Stage Framework cover? a) 5-11 b) 4-6 c) 3-11 d) 5-7 6) What date will the new Curriculum of Wales be fully implemented? a) 2024 b) 2022 c) 2020 d) 2027 7) What are curricula frameworks used for? a) for continuous use in planning, implementation and evaluation of lessons, activities and experiences b) to suggest ways an adult can build children's self esteem. c) to build skills of leadership and management. d) to deal with behaviour management. 8) What does the full key term numeracy mean within a curricula framework? a) The ability to count b) The ability to understand and use numbers and mathematical concepts and operations. c) To only recognise numbers and shapes. d) The ability to add and subtract. 9) what areas are covered in the Curriculum to incorporate Literacy? a) Reading and Writing. b) Reading, writing and listening. c) Reading, writing and speaking. d) Reading, writing,speaking and listening. 10) In England the framework that settings have to follow from birth to the end of a child's first year in school is; a) The Foundation Phase Framework b) The Early Years Foundation Phase (EYFP) c) The Foundation Stage Framework d) The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Current educational curricula/frameworks.




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