1) What is Uncle Vernon’s job? a) Screw -making company called Grunnings b) Hammer -making company called Grunnings c) Drill-making company called Grunnings d) Ladder -making company called Grunnings 2) Who was the student that was expelled at Hogwarts? a) Draco Malfoy b) Rubeus Hagrid c) Professor McGonagall d) Dudley Dursley 3) Where does Harry go to get everything he needs for Hogwarts? a) Diagon Alley b) Diigon Alley c) Dragon Alley d) Digon Alley 4) Three shops that we find along this street. a) Dragon Brew, Wizard World and Owl Hut. b) Ollivanders, Eeylops Owl Emporium and Gringotts. c) KFB, Sour Sweet Shop and Leaky Beaker. d) Scary Hairs, Loopy Looms and Grimhocks. 5) From where does Harry get the Hogwarts Express? a) 9 3/5 b) 9 3/4 c) 9 1/2 d) 9 3/8




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